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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 26, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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fortunately all of the tests came back negative and the family has a healthy boy. this is not the first time this has happened where they give the wrong baby the wrong mother and she breast feeds them and the other mother finds out ... this is why i bought nontoxic nail polish and painted his toe blue. some said i was overreacting and they were right. but i did it anyway. thank you for watching, everyone. shepherd smightd takes over. >>shepard: is it still blue? >> my mother was, like, something is wrong with his toe. >>shepard: a lucky boy. the news begins anew. "studio b" and box number one, man, mexico, the drug violence is off the hook. and now a report on how the cartels seem to be following the practices of extremist groups like al qaeda. box number two, a big storm pounding the midwest with tropical storm strength wind,
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hurricane strength pressure, ahead the early damage reports and how long this is all expected to last. and in box three, a big story: taking on bullies in school. how the white house is now threatening to cut off funds if teachers and the administrations do not crack down on harassment. all of that unless breaking news changes everything in "studio b" today. fox news is america's election headquarters. that's where we go first from fox at 3:00. a week until voters head to the polls in the most closely watched midterm elections. at stake? the democrat majorities in the house of representatives and the senate and the preservation of their agenda including the health care overhaul. and now fox coverage of the final push toward election day a week away. lots of boxes. mike is live in lexington, kentucky, and trace is on the west coast where the republic nominee for the senate is in the hospital.
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and first to campaign to pennsylvania where democrats are targeting the republican incumbent. you are in an area that shows the democrats firewall strategy. >>reporter: well, sure, there has been talk of the republicans have a wave coming and whether it will be a tsunami and a complete blowup where they big up the house with record dozens but a handful of places the republicans are vulnerable and pennsylvania is one. the district where the incumbents has a good shot of getting knocked off by the democrat, and south of here outside of pittsburgh, is district 12, and that is where we have something of an odd ball rematch. the late congressman murtha, very powerful chairing armed services committee in the house of representatives, and there was a special election and he has served since may, considered vulnerable. the republican who he beat in
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that special election is the republican nominee and in keeping with the national narrative we have the incumbent democrat getting pounded by the outsider republic. here is a little bit. we spoke with both today. >> he has done nothing to say what he is going to do. it is about why i am bad. i have appear on -- an opponent would has voted with pelosi 90 percent of the time in office. >> if the republicans won in district 12 they would lose in district 15 where the incumbent republican has a small edge in the polls but the democratic national party has targeted and spending huge amounts of money to elect the democrat there and it is one of the seats where republicans are considered vulnerable so it could be a step forward and a step back in the g.o.p. looking for the majority. >>shepard: how many republicans are considered
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vulnerable in the firewall? >>reporter: it may not be high enough. the national map is a picture of the country with the 100 most competitive races in the colors of their incumbent office. that is a lot of blue dots. they are concentrated in the midwest, in the old south, and to some extent in the northeast. if you look closely, you can see a total of nine little red dots there, not very many, those are open republican seats or vulnerable seats that are republican and a 9-1 advantage. so while democrats are trying to stop republicans from getting 3 seats which gives the g.o.p. the majority, if republicans lose a few, they have 90 democrats they can try to pick up the next numbers. >>shepard: carl did you see the debate in kentucky? >>reporter: amazing. and what happened outside was impressive, too. >>shepard: it was ugly seen and nothing to do with the candidates.
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the democrat and tea party favorite rand paul who is gaining traction, it is what happened outside when a protester tried to get close to rand paul. look here. >> you can see two or three men shoving the woman to the ground. and one hitting her head to the bush. and then this. who the heck do you think you are? the attackers believed to be rand paul supporters, we can't know for sure, the woman is an activist from the liberal group move and she got a concussion and a sprained shoulder. stepping on a woman like that! are you kidding me? mike would have no part of that. both campaigns speaking out about this i assume. >>reporter: condemnation all around, rand paul himself saying he wants the supporters to get involved but not in anything
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that is not civil. and con way saying it is okay to disagree and says violence against a woman is never acceptable. there have not been charges so far relating to the incident but the police are not dismissing it and say they are investigating it. >>shepard: this has been a heated contest but there is a new poll showing rand paul has a significant lead if you believe the poll. >>reporter: it is remarkable from an organization called public policy a left leaning organization and that is the poll that shows rand paul breaking away by 13-point margin, 53-40 and it shows what we have reported that independents are helping him by 39-point margin and everyone wondered if the added has an impact and according to this poll they did not have the desired effect. rand paul's numbers stayed the home and the negatives for
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conway increased. >>shepard: we got an update while you were speaking and it is from the associated press, a rand paul supporter is apologizing after he was seen stepping on a liberal activist's head and his name is tim prophet, a volunteer with the republican united states senate campaign and told the associated press a short time ago the camera angle here made the scuffle that happen appeared worse than it was. and he criticized police for not stepping in and says other supporters warned authorities about the activist. she is 23 years old, with a group www.moveon.exporgshesaidshewas so re and he has been removed from
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his role as campaign coordinator and banned him from future campaign events. i suppose if that's the worse that happens to you, after you make a decision to step on a woman, then you probably have come out pretty well. just an organization. there is word today that the g.o.p. challenger in california senate race is now in the hospital. the campaign for the woman says she is being treated for an infection associated with reconstructive surgery. the former c.e.o. of h.p. who is running there, recently won a tough battle against breast cancer, and trace is in the west coast newsroom. what to we know of her condition? >>reporter: she came town with this infection early this morning and now there are reports that she is in the hospital getting antibiotic treatment here in southern california. she is 56 years old. and we know she was supposed to appear two separate campaign events today, one in riverside and one in palm springs.
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they will continue. the campaign will not say and hospital she is in but they released this "this will impact her campaign schedule today, she is upbeat and her doctors expect her to make a quick and full recovery and be back out on the campaign trail soon." we mention those two events, both of those, shep, will continue to go forward today. >>shepard: timing is everything, trace. this is a very tough fight against her democratic challenger, senator boxer in that race. >>reporter: it is crunch time. you look at calendar and she has six days of campaigning left and the poll shows in is a dead heat, 2.8 percent separating them, that is a dead heat, so she wants to get back on the campaign trail. on top of that, the national republican senate committee has just jolted her campaign with extra $3 million on top of the money she has spent for advertise chg is a very good
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signal they think this race is still a toss up. we should note that the boxer campaign issued a statement hoping that she has a speedy recovery. we will give you updates on the condition. >>shepard: welcome back to you for that. a top economic official in the white house says we should have seen the foreclosure mess coming. and now she has an idea to fix it. gerri willis from the fox business network will be here with the details. stay tuned.
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>>shepard: a fire. it's a mill that is burning somewhere around post. actually, in fall river, massachusetts, a boston suburb. this is really just going at it. live pictures from wfxt, fox news for boston and surrounding areas. it is a company that makes fabric. no injuries reported. it is being worked under difficult conditions. the fire department is out in force. we will keep you updated. foreclosure fiasco did not come without warning. so says one of the country's top banking regulators. the fdic chair says there were plenty of signs in recent years
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that lenders were cutting corners when they seized thousands of homes. she reports that the federal government and the financial industry should have questioned how the banks were able to cut costs on all the foreclosures without making mistakes. they made mistakes, all right. and no, gerri answers us at 5:00 eastern and 4:00 in oxford. >> the administration and everyone is concerned that the foreclosure fiasco could hurt the housing market. send it into another. so, she recently said, and this is her quote, regrettable truth is many of the properties in foreclosure are vacant or occupied by borrowers who cannot make a reduced payment. her suggestion to keep the market moving is banks give safe hard pore and they can foreclosure without the t's crossed where the mortgage has been reduced by 25 percent and
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the people still have not made the payments and are in default. >>shepard: the experts did not see this coming? >>reporter: they had to. the bangs own the servicers, right? and secondarily, there was information coming into the regulators all the time about the decline in mortgage service fees. that was a warning sign. decline in fees. they are getting really, really efficient or something is wrong. something was wrong. really wrong. >>shepard: it is, with each of these sort of events we have experienced, each time, it is like how did you not know? how did you not know? >>reporter: we had so much with the first meltdown, people did not think we would have more problems. >>shepard: well to more problems. we will cap you on weekdays at 5:00 on eastern time, and 4:00
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rebel time. if you don't get it, demand it, they give you the power to prosper, fox business network. iran is moving closer to a working nuclear reactor but it is in a bid for atomic supremecy loading fuel into the russian built power plant on the persian gulf coast. the united states has opposed this work. until russian officials agree to control the fuel supply but worries over their efforts to refine uranium which many fear could be used to develop nuclear weapons. it would take a lot but down the road. iranian officials say the enrichment program is for "peaceful" purposes. it is judgment day for one of 15d -- saddam's closest aides set to die for his crimes. a criminal court has sentenced the foreign minister to death by hanging. who can forget this guy? he was convicted on charges of
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taking part in a saddam-led execution that hunted and killed members of a party. the current prime minister maliki is a member of that group. a spokesman for the high criminal court says that he doesn't know when this man will be put to death. hosting videos of kidnapped hostages is standard operating procedure for international terrorist groups like al qaeda. but now new reports that mexican drug cartels are doing the same. look at this released youtube clip showing the kidnapped brother of the former mexican state attorney general, handcuffed, sitting in a chair, with five mask men point guns at him. it did not end there. and now, live from washington, dc. are the cartels, it almost looks like they are taking a page from al qaeda? >>reporter: the sim layers are -- the similarities are striking. the kidnapped brother of the
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former mexican attorney general, saying he and his sister worked for a drug gang. the video is seep as a boldest example yet of attack tick that is becoming con in -- common ine drug wars. compared to the al qaeda affiliate in north african that was behind the high threat level in europe this month. you can see five french hostages showing they are alive and being held, and they will use the picture to try and raise ransom for the operations. we are not suggesting that al qaeda is looking or working directly with them but they seem to be taking a page from their play book. >>shepard: and using car bombs, too. >>reporter: that is right, that is the most concerning development in the last six months there was a car bomb on the border with the united states in june and that bomb was similar to the devices that we have seen in iraq, we have seen in afghanistan, and we have also seen in africa.
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it uses a telephone to detonate and last week mexican authorities picked up the person they thought was behind it one of the cartel members. but, again, when you take this evidence of kidnapping, the posting of the picture on the interpret and car bombs you have two points that align with the traditional view of terrorist groups on an international stage not in mexico. >>shepard: thank you, from washington, dc. thank you. forecasters said the storm moving through the midwest today could be the strongest they have seen in 70 years. we are just starting to get a look at the damage. it is still causing big problems. we will get a live update from the fox weather center just the fox weather center just ahead. if you have gout, high uric acid can lead to more attacks. ♪ to help reduce attacks, lower your uric acid. uloric lowers uric acid levels in adus with gout.
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>>shepard: tropical storm strength winds slamming the midwest this afternoon, giving reports of tornado and chicago o'hare is working to catch up after the winds forced airlines to delay take offs and landings, and this is called a "chi-cone." affecting people from south dakota and north dakota to the great lakes. and now more details on the day. >>reporter: what a day. this is a same storm on saturday moved through the pacific northwest and all that snow sunday into monday over colorado, the rockies, and produced tornado in texas, and, now, today, the tornado watches ahead of the squall extending from michigan, down through central mississippi, so, really, a very serious situation out here and believe it or not on the back side of this we have a blizzard warning in effect for
3:24 pm
north dakota through this evening into tomorrow and heavy snow fall will be falling and you combine the gusts is behind the system, it will be a white out or, not really good day for driving out there. stay indoors if you live there. otherwise, looking at the tornado watches, six in affect right now through this evening, and the storm will continue to push east and basically be a concern ongoing through this evening. these are the warnings, if you are in an area where there is a tornado warning that is the time to seek shelter, basement or the inner rooms of the house where you do not have windows so you can seek shelter there. otherwise, later today, again, seeing severe weather threat extending east across upstate new york and pennsylvania and down to maryland and virginia and here in new york city we can get a thunderstorm but hopefully not anything severe. we expect this to begin to improve into this evening. >>shepard: welcome aboard.
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great to see you. there are reports, now, very sad story of 18 people, dead, in the wake of a volcano erupting in indonesia. and it is still active. it is considered the country's most volatile volcano and started to erupt yesterday before the sun went down. so far, the falling ash injured dozens and officials have moved thousands of people off the mountain slopes, and a similar eruption in 1994 killed 60. it is not the only national disaster folks are dealing with, same country, they are assessing damage after a 7.7 earthquake and resulting tsunami. officials say hundreds are dead or missing. further details tonight on the fox report. alaska's republican senator murkowski originally thought to be a shoo-in for re-election and lost to the tea party favorite, and became a long shot. now the senator is back in the running and she could end up
3:26 pm
making history. details ahead.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" from fox news channel, the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. a candidate who is creating a lot of buzz. but she is not on the ballot. now political watchers say the alaska senate candidate, senator murkowski, considered a long shot after losing the g.o.p. primary could overcome the odds. senator murkowski announced last month she will run as a write in candidate. and since that time, she has dominated the spotlight. during a recent debate between the two candidates on the ballot, the republican joe miller and democrat, both spent a good part of their time attacking murkowski. while the momentum may be with here history is not at all. voters have not elect add write in candidate since strom thurmond of south carolina in 1954. we know how that went down. and now, the washington bureau
3:30 pm
chief of the wall street journal owned by this company. one of the silly obstacles is spelling the name right. >> and that is not a small issue with a last name like murkowski. so her campaign has been very active in soliciting opinions from the people working at the side which ballots count and which don't. can people write in lisa, m., or l.m. and fill in the oval next to that. what to they need to do to make sure that her ballot counts? with the alaska supreme court has said in the past, is that look, we will take into account any ballot where the voters' intent was clear. that's the way they have described it. >>shepard: well, how is she distinguishing herself, what is she doing at this point in the race to give herself this sort of a, well, momentum? >>reporter: she is talking about horror. she was the incumbent senator weapon the primary took place
3:31 pm
and she is trying to paint joe miller who woman the primary as an, extremist, as a too conservative for alaska republican. he is alive with the -- allied with the tea party with the endorsement of sarah palin and she has tried to use that against him, as well. and she has been campaigning very strongly against joe miller but there is a democrat, also, in this case, people forget. but at this point the two republicans are almost exactly neck to neck, and this is going to be a race to watch on election night. shell shell and the money spent, tallies for this race. she has outspent the opponent combined and doubled. >>reporter: what we are sometimy turbulent election campaigns, there is a regression to the mean as you get closer to election day. that is, maybe an unexpected candidate won either a primary
3:32 pm
or some part of the race but the electorate begins to rethink. and, so, the fact she was an incumbent matter as lot. that gives her some momentum so through name recognition and that incumbency, she is getting that money that you described plus picking up in the vote count. >>shepard: is that the message we take from the murkowski experience? >>reporter: yes, that is one thing to keep in mind. you have seen a little bit of that, and i emphasize a little bit, for some democrats, also, who were way behind the republican opponents and they have done capping up but the other thing to take away from this, the power of the tea party in this particular election, thants incumbency mood, this was a senator whose father appointed her in 2002, who was re-elected in 2006. there has been any number of anti-incumbent moves by the
3:33 pm
electorate and she fit into that batch. she herself says she way underestimated the tea party movement in this election. >>shepard: how do you see this coming out? >>reporter: it will be close. pop some extra popcorn and watch into the night. it could go way after election day. if this is as close as it looks right now they may end up having to count absentee ballots and some of the absentee ballots will not be counted for 15 days after election day. >>shepard: i hope they allow brett to take a commercial break. good to see you all. thank you, i appreciate it. official officials say the number of people aiming lasers at airline pilots is going up. it is. potentially deadly trend for thousands of passengers. plus, charlie sheen, did you hear he is in the hospital after
3:34 pm
a woman claims he went crazy. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] sitting, waiting, hoping. that's not how successful investing is done. at e-trade it's harnessing some of the most powerful yet easy to use trading tools on the planet to help diversify, identify opportunities, take action. it's using professional grade research and your brain to seek maximum returns to reach your goals. it's investing with intelligence and cold hard conviction. you made the money. you should have everything you need to invest it. e-trade. investing unleashed.
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>>shepard: charlie sheen. in the hospital in new york. after a representative says the actor had "allergic reaction to medication." cops say he is in for a psychiatric evaluation after a woman claims he was throwing furniture around the hotel room and quite drunk and the "new york post," owned by this network is reporting he was naked in a state of full nakedness and he damaged the chandelier in the room.
3:38 pm
swinging? the representative said he should be released from the hospital tomorrow. charlie sheen has a long history with drinking, drugs, and violence. he was arrested in colorado after the a fight with his wife and she caused 9-1-1 saying he tried to kill her with a knife. charlie sheen admits using cocaine and paying for hookers, and he cut a deal to avoid jail by going do rehab and despite all that, he is the highest paid man on all of television earning $1.8 million per episode. for the program on "2 1/2 men," on cbs. that must be a competing network. a push for a crack down on a major threat to plane safety. lays are beams. we are told the lights can blind the pilot and bring down the plane. officials say there has been an increase in reports of people targeting planes with lasers and
3:39 pm
now they want tougher penalties for anyone using a laser toward a helicopter or a plane or anything else that flies. and now laser display today. there is a bill in the works that would up the consequences for laserring. >>reporter: this is so dangerous as you mentioned. it is a federal crime to attempt to take down an airplane but some federal prosecutors say it has been hard to win convictions because of the way the destruction of aircraft statute is written. it does not always fit the facts of the case. so a california congressman introduce add bill to make it a federal crime to point a laser at an aircraft and it has passed the house of representatives and is currently under consideration in the senate. now there has been 1,700 reports between january and august of this year and that according to the f.b.i. up from 1,000 reported in 2008 and while no planes have crashed, pilots say it could only be a matter of
3:40 pm
time. >> 200' or 300' flying at 160 miles per hour and that is the moment someone startles them with a laser and they kind of do one of these where they trying to, really, you only have a few seconds for the other person to grab the control and keep the airplane from hitting the ground. >>reporter: they can be blinded and light up the cockpit windshield and this imposes fines or prison up to five years for those convicted. a plan in california was sentenced to 15 months for shining a laser at a police helicopter. serious business. >>shepard: it could not be too easy to track them down. it could be someone sitting in a backyard being stupid. >>reporter: that is the hard part. most cases by the time the pilot reports it the person is long gone. in the recent case in rhode island there was a man standing on the shoreline and he pointed the laser at an airplane arriving from newark, and police
3:41 pm
were able to catch him because he also flashed the light at a boat captain who reported it to police that same night. pilots blame this on cheaper and stronger lasers making their way into people's harshes and -- people's hands and they ask you think of your surroundings before you point the laser up. >>shepard: be careful when you laser. a state looking to put in place some of the toughest antibullying policies in all of america. after at least eight high profile cases this year of harassed students killing themselves. themselves. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] this is rachel, a busy mom. she starts at dawn and so does her back pain. that's two pills for a four hour drive. the drive is done. so it's a day of games and two more pills. the games are over, her pain is back, that's two more pills. and when she's finally home, but hang on, just two aleve can keep back pain away all day
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with all medicare supplement plans, there are virtually no claim forms to fill out. plus you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare. and best of all, these plans are... the only medicare supplement plans endorsed by aarp. when they told me these plans were endorsed by aarp... i had only one thing to say... sign me up. call the number on your screen now... and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan. you'll get this free information kit... and guide to understanding medicare, to help you choose the plan that's right for you. as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. >>shepard: and the white house taking a stand against bullies. the obama administration announced schools could lose federal funding if they do not stop the harassment. this as lawmakers in new jersey
3:45 pm
want the toughest antibullying laws in the nation following the suicide of a rutgers university freshman last month. the 18-year-old jumped off the george washington bringing between new jersey and new york after the roommate and another student set up a camera and secretly cast the images of him, live, reportedly, actually, making out with another guy. and now our legal panel, fox news legal analyst former prosecutor himself, and the criminal defense attorney. keith, is there a limit? this new jersey law, and we will get into the details, but can you overprevent? is there a point where you reach a point of diminishing return? >>reporter: this is an epidemic and there is a piece of knee george reactionary legislation that i agree with. in new jersey they are saying, set up a policy. set up a committee. set up a director. have a place for the kids to go.
3:46 pm
they are not criminalizing the conduct. this is a bipartisan bill which is if you are familiar with new jersey politics unheard of so it will be signed by the governor. >>shepard: it would require antibullying programs in all k-12 classes and language in college codes of conduct to address bullying so they are hitting you from kindergarten through college. legislation legislation they are legislating common sense. that happened at rutgers was a tragedy and everyone knows that and this is the reaction. it is common sense but what we should do, the rule of thumb for the legislature, never create a law that is not going to be enforced and the obama administration is proposing if a school has repeated bullying episodes, the federal government is going to pull their support from the school. do you see that happening? do you see somebody, a school, that has two kids doing something stupid, they will pull
3:47 pm
the federal funding because two kids are jerks and the rest of the school is punished? it does not make sense. the desire for them to do something about this is there. but the execution is terribly flawed. >>shepard: you can make the argument and the argument is being made with rutgers the roommate and friend of his, female friend down the hall, would set up the camera and watched them have this makeout session with this guy, wasn't so much antithe process of one guy making out with another guy but it was more, caught you, doing it again, he didn't mean anything by it, and it is an argument you can make. i am not saying it is okay. >>guest: they are putting student on notice this is intolerable and there are ramification for actions. no different than the news corporation or every other corporation in america with a policy on sexual harassment. you are an employee, you are aware, you put up a notice and that is what they are doing.
3:48 pm
>>shepard: i remember coach gun at the academy standing in the hall with the board of education and if people got caught doing bullying you would get three licks to the rump. and it worked. it hurt like hell. >>guest: that may not be a bad thing to go back to. >>shepard: it was effective. >>guest: i grew up in the sailen -- same environment and my dad would tell the teachers if he is out of line, you are his parents when i am not nders -- when i am not around and you can hit his return. >>shepard: and it has happened in 20 years since we have been gone. >>guest: new jersey is ahead of the curve with technology the bullying that he was subjected to as a young guy is different from what is going on today. you have facebook.
3:49 pm
twitter. >>guest: i was called buckie the beaver, and i walked funny. >>shepard: the lead singer in a band and most successful lawyer in new york city. how did it work out for you, big dog? >>guest: great. >>guest: there was no facebook. there was in twitter. there was none of this but getting your name written on the bathroom wall. something needs to be done but it needs to be well-thought-out. what the administration is saying, your school has a problem with bullying, we will pull the federal funding, that is ludicrous. absolutely ludicrous. >>shepard: we have new fox news polls out today. have you seen them? they are telling interesting stories. how voters react to some of the very negative campaigns tactics being used. you have seen some of them. and during the break you can led to and a
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>>shepard: fox is america's election headquarters and the democrat running for governor in florida has fired one of her staffers. after he sent her a text message in the middle of a debate. can't do that. why is the left hand corner, the aide sent a message to a makeup artist who showed the message to the candidate. you cannot miss it? during a break in the debate which aired on cnn. listen carefully to what the opponent said when he noticed what is going on.
3:54 pm
(inaudible) >>shepard: we are told that is when cnn took the cell phone. she didn't know anything about the two line message before the makeup woman came over and showed it to her. and now breaking news, a fascinating turn of events. there was a shooting at pentagon the or day and windows were broken out. and there was a shooting just, i wonder if, yes, they are, our national correspondent has breaking news from washington, dc. steve? >> they are, indeed, the first two shooting incidents similar, both using a high-powered rifle happening when the past week to ten days, and the first two were connected, the f.b.i. saying that this eastbound, minutes ago, they have linked the two and opened a formal
3:55 pm
investigation into the two on top of that, we are learning about another shooting at another military installation that we were not aware of until now. it happened last night at the marine corps recruiting station in virginia. shots were fired again, and the f.b.i. is doing the ballistic analysis to try to find out if those bullets came from the same gun but they have linked the first two. the first was in virginia, the sprawling marine base down there, at the marine corps museum. several shots were fired in the overnight hours and windows broken but no one was hurt. and then on october 19, at the pentagon, they do not know where the shooter was or where the bullets came from but several hit the pentagon, windows were hit, again, and no one was hurt. we do not know who the suspect is. or if the f.b.i. knows they are not saying but they have opened a formal investigation linking the first two and now saying there was a third one just last night on the recruiting station. >>shepard: further on this in special report in fox report.
3:56 pm
two important matters. rent is too damn high, a party in the state of new york, a campaign slogan, an awesome song, obviously, and now, "rent is too damn high," is memorialized in another way. that is ahead. but many are familiar with paul the psychic octopus predicting all seven of germany's games or outings in the world cup this year as well as the final match. he is now gone to the big fish tank in the sky. paul made the predictions by opening the lid of one of two clear plastic boxes each holding a team flag and he made the home at a german zoo where he retired this year despite hundreds of request to bring the octopus to spain paul became something of a hero after he correctly predicted spanish team will win it all.
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